Xinkaishi · 心开始

Delivering a companion for expectant mothers

Xinkaishi · 心开始

I was tasked to design and execute a wide range of assets during the incubation and commercialization phase of Xinkaishi at BCG Digital Ventures. The challenge was to create user-friendly mascots that help guide soon-to-be and new mothers adjust to a healthy lifestyle for the best experience during a pregnancy.

The design of the in-app characters would later shape the direction of other illustrative assets within the experience of this product. 

Character Design, Product Photography, Illustration, Animation, Direction, Cinematography

BCG Digital Ventures


Product Character Design

Xinkaishi's main demographic is soon-to-be and new mothers in China. Therefore, the app's characters need to feel familiar like anime than western cartoons, yet seem neutral enough to coexist with the user interface on web or mobile. The mother would begin her journey on the first week of her pregnancy, and the mascot starts as an embryo that slowly grows into a baby throughout the 9 months of using the app. One of the objectives was to stylize the grotesque embryonic stages into adorable characters capable of facial expressions. 

Early Concept Development

The goal was to define a style of babies that would not only appear wholesome and cute enough as a standalone character, but also coexist with the rest of the app's user interface without being too intrusive or distracting. 
Xinkaishi's strategic design team took my designs to Shanghai, China to concept test them with soon-to-be mothers. These were earlier explorations. 

Peripheral experiences

Manual Assets

These are found during set-up in the Xinkaishi app. The art direction of these illustrations derived from the design of those babies. 

Product Photography

During the fast-paced launch timeline of Xinkaishi, I was also tasked to take product photography of the device's packaging to be displayed on its website. 

Brand Video

In the earlier stages of the innovation, I had the responsibility of creating a short user case video to be pitched to foreign investors. (older version of baby design was shown here)


Cinematographer, Animator, Editor