Toyota iRoad — Innovation

Toyota iRoad — Innovation Project

Innovation and Strategy
I was invited to be part of the strategic design team for this project to help Toyota's executives figure out was of using innovative iRoad vehicle as a platform. I was also responsible for designing and modeling the external trunk compartment that spawned a series of potential user cases. 

product design, UI/UX, 3D visualization, research

BCG Digital Ventures


Use Case: Emergency Vehicle

For emergencies within events or campuses that require extra storage for medical devices. 

Use Case: Events

With some rewiring and programming, the compartment would be an effective outdoor portable speaker for large events or campaigns. 

Use Case: Tourism

Tourism — the compact vehicles can serve as an effective touring mobility for private-owned venues, parks, etc. 

Use Case: Hackathon

Universities can host hackathon programs to improve on this vehicle while sparking the creativity of young engineers. 

Pairing trip planning with rideshare

To seamlessly embed the vehicle in the daily commute, I proposed an integrated navigation app that allows users to plan their last-mile experience and pair their devices with the vehicle as a broader ride share ecosystem.