The Fighter

This was the first piece that sparked my interest in motion graphics. Coming from an illustration background, I challenged myself to integrate my painting/drawing skills in video. I was able to exercise my hobby in portraiture and figure illustration while experimenting with typography in interesting compositions here.


instructor Jason Dubin
produced at Art Center College of Design

The Fighter

End Title Sequence, Reimagined

This was one of my favorite movies and I decided to reimagine what its end credits would be. I framed each character's most iconic attitudes it in ink-sketched portraits while nodding to the movie's violent themes with explosive washes and blood spatter. 

With the exception of actual footage from the movie, all scenes are illustrated, designed, and animated by me. 

Produced at Art Center College of Design

Research + Development

The concept is to represent the key characters' essence through old boxing poster illustrations. Boldly assorted typography and graphics display actors and director credits. Each character is violent in their own way, and blood stains are mixed appropriately into their composition.