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Katy Perry — Roar

I was responsible for creating a poster for Katy Perry's hit song "Roar" as a tease before its music video was released. I also took part in producing matte paintings for the music video.


role Poster Illustrator · Matte Painter
art Director Jonathan Wu
edited Jing Zheng
produced at Mirada

Katy Perry — "Roar" Music Video & Campaign

Poster — I was responsible for creating the official poster for Katy Perry's hit song "Roar" to build hype before the music video's release.
While Vevo used this to market the hype, fans were able to download this as a phone screensaver. Eventually, this poster was sold at Katy Perry concerts.

Music Video — I collaborated with talented artists at Mirada to create illustrative key moments in the music video. 

Illustration (Poster), Matte Painting (Music Video)


Creative Director
Jonathan Wu

Jing Zheng

Katy - Roar