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BCG Digital Ventures 2015

BCG Digital Ventures — Global Identity 2015: Motion 

Online Animation Content

I was part of a small team responsible for refreshing BCG Digital Ventures' global brand identity. The challenge for this video was to narrate a manifesto that expresses the innovative and creative side of the company and be seamlessly embedded in the home page of the website.


Design, Direction, Animation

Creative Director
LaMer Walker

Lead Brand Designer
Sho Rust

Global Style Guide & Motion Graphics Assets

To ensure coherency of video production for all offices globally, I was also responsible for making logo animations as opening/end cards.

Animation, Design

Governing all Digital Ventures visuals with a custom grid

BCG Digital Ventures employs many forms of deliverables. My creative partner Sho Rust and I created a grid that would unite all formats from print, web, and video. I then created a video manual of how to properly use the grid in order to educate the global designers of this company on how to use it. 

Copywriting, Animation

Sydney Office Launch Event Branding

One of the new Digital Ventures offices in Sydney opened and hosted a launch event for which I was tasked to extend the BCGDV branding.

Design, Animation, Art Direction

"Design at BCG Digital Ventures" Mission & Culture Film

I was part of the production team that produced this external-facing bio about the design culture of BCGDV. On top of making title cards and storyboards, I designed and animated the chapter that highlights "6 Strategic Design Capabilities."

Here, the company's logo animation and lower thirds that I designed can also been seen in play. 

Design, Animation

BCGDV — "About Us" Brand Video

I was tasked to create an illustrative explainer video with a team of motion designers, introducing how BCG Digital Ventures help disrupt corporate busineses. 
You can see the video here. 
Below are my earlier designs and concepts for it: